Monday, September 21, 2009

SURPRISE! It worked!

The surprise of my life came on Friday afternoon.

Dan came home early
(a surprise, but not exactly blog-worthy)

He was carrying a birthday gift bag with colorful tissue paper spilling out of it.
(again, a surprise, but my thoughts went instantly to Lilah's 1st Birthday the day before & some sweet co-worker sending home a gift for her.)

He announced:
"I got your birthday gift early! I hope you don't mind, I don't think I can wait to give it to you." (my birthday is the 23rd)

Interest peaked, I was across the house & in front of the bag in seconds.
(my birthday gift was supposed to be my cushion-y budget for the girls shopping trip)

It's taken me days to post this because I can hardly believe it is real.
It was THE CAMERA!!!
Get this: He says he knew he was going to get it for me when he saw my blog post!!
The only thing , (he disclaims as I'm jumping up & down) is that camera has been updated since I started crushing on it & he bought me the newer version!
I'm going to take the photography class that the local place offers w/purchase. I can't wait until November when they offer the next one, so the worker guy invited me in this week to get a crash course on my camera.
People, I CANNOT BELIEVE this is even real!
When I posted that camera, I thought the likelihood of Canon reading my blog & sending me the photo was greater than Dan buying it for me (especially now that he's started leading the Dave Ramsey class at church)
Here are a few pics I took this weekend:

Thank you just doesn't seem adequate! I feel like my whole world just opened up!

PS: Lilah's 1st Birthday was Thurs 17th. We celebrated with lots of kids screaming for ice cream-make-your-own-sundaes. It was a blast! I, however, took not one picture because I had no camera & the iPhone just wasn't fast enough. 2 friends agreed to snap a bunch for me & I'll post those as soon as I have them.
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  1. yay!! I'm so excited for you!! Pictures look fantastic!! Cameras are SO much fun, I can totally relate to your excitement


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