Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Silver Lining

It hit me today...
A large part of being a happy mom is an exercise in finding the silver lining.

In the thick of what feels like the 30th time that you've lived this same day over again, it's tough to see the bright side of things.
But it's worth the effort.

For instance...(silver lining in silver below)
Carter (3) just fed our dog Rocco, washed his hands afterward & got exorbitant amounts of green foam all over the sink
(Dog is fed; hands have had soap on them)

Moments later, Lilah (1) went over to the dog's filled-to-the-rim water bowl & splashed it all over the floor & herself (I caught her before she started eating the dog food)

The potty & all things surrounding need a swipe or two from the Clorox wipes daily..iiick!
(He doesn't go in his pants)
The same potty was clogged all weekend because Carter felt it was time to move onto wiping himself...with "lots & lots of paper" as he reported.
(Looks like sooner than later a day will come when I don't hear "Mah-mmy, come wipe me; I'm dooone!)

I couldn't be less interested in becoming a morning person.
I get up. Yes.
But not energetically.
My kids do not wake up late! No matter how late they go to bed; they are up before 7 am.
(They go to bed early)

I thrive on alone time.
I need just some alone time to re-fuel.
I love people. I enjoy good conversation & belly laughs like the next gal.
I'm SUPER thankful for all the people in my life right now.

Still, I need alone time to be my best when I'm with people.
Even alone in the car getting somewhere works these days.

I'm a stay-at-home-mom of 2 little ones &
my husband & I still ENJOY spending free time together.

So, at the end of the day, I am NEVER alone.

Silver Lining: I am never alone
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  1. Funny, but what a wonderful way to actually see the best outlook!! That is what I needed to see today. Thanks!

  2. such a perfect read this morning based on my "sick kids" week. thank you!

  3. I can realte to each one of those, Tina! I have had to extract dog food from Zachary's mouth multiple times... he seems to enjoy it more than his own food... ew.


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