Thursday, September 3, 2009

No Help Wanted

I decided to finish making Lilah's birthday party invitations this morning while she was napping and Carter was watching Sesame Street.
I'll admit, I was hiding my project on the dining table in plain sight.
Praying that he didn't look over & ask to help.
"God, please just give me 15 minutes before he notices & I can finish it."

If he sees, he wants to help. Plain & simple.
If he helps, it takes MUCH longer. Plain & simple.
I only had a short time before we had to be out the door. Lord, have mercy!

A few minutes into my successfully concealed crafting, and Elmo begins playing his piano & singing "Helping!, Helping!, Helping!, Helping!, Helping!, Helping!, Helping!.."
Are you serious? Today is about helping?
Super-helper Grover, interviews with kids on how they help, questioning if cakes can help or if kids help make cakes, and so on.

(I finished just before he noticed & had time to spare for some good old fashioned
"I need you to glue all of these scrap papers to this other paper. Can you HELP me?")
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