Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Learned my lesson...AGAIN!

So I just learned that Lilah has digestion issues with SOY...AGAIN!!

I first learned of this months after she was born when we were frantically trying to uncover the source of her crying, by switching formulas. SOY was NOT THE ANSWER since it took her fussiness and spitting up to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL!

A month ago her pediatrician sent us home with Similac, soy-based formula, suggesting that we switch for 2 weeks to soothe some other issues. By then, we'd try anything to relieve her, and this after all wasn't Dan & I experimenting on our own, the Dr recommended it.
First feeding after the Drs visit was just before bed.
Let's just say Lilah was covered in soy formula & nearly every bit of her crib was too.
What were we thinking? She did this when she was newborn after having soy?!

She is over 11 months old now & eating more & more people food each day. Today, it was time to try yogurt. And if the photo above is any indication, you know where I'm going with this.
Yes, I gave her soy-based baby yogurt.
And yes,
as I write this I've just finished bathing her and settling her to sleep
and her crib bumper, sheet & mattress cover are in the washing machine.

You'd think I'd learned my lesson!
And I wish this was the only lesson I've learned more than once in my life. Pin It

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  1. We had the same issues with Elijah.We couldn't even give him certain snacks and things with soy.I became a label reader, well, because soy is in everything.Ugh!He is now 5 and has grown out of it.We too had many a messy crib and projectile pukings.Yuck.


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