Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rest Time

Nap Time evolved into Rest Time for Carter early this year.
Not because I decided he no longer needed a nap, but because I decided that going in & out of his room for 2 hours taking toys away, turning off the lights, and coercing him back into bed wasn't worth it.

Rest Time Rules are simple.
DO NOT come out until you hear your alarm (which I set for 1 hour)

DO come out if you have to go potty (see this post)

DO come out if you're bleeding

This week during rest time, Carter opened his door to come out.
He stopped instantly when he saw me coming toward him,
Me: "Carter, stay in your room until the alarm goes off."
Carter: "I'm bleeding."

I was all set to give him a "Boy who cried, 'Wolf'" warning when I saw a dark red drop hit the tile in the hallway.

His nose was bleeding!
(Unforseen bonus of living in hot, dry Texas for toddlers looking to stall @naptime) Pin It


  1. How stinken cute! Poor baby. He was being obedient. Good job Carter!! And also, good rules mommy! I'll have to remember that for later.

  2. Nice work Tina, Next week you should set his alarm for a little more time, and work him up to two hours! lol


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