Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Graduation Day!

We're SO proud of you!
And since I partly consider my blog as a memory book, I couldn't let this graduation weekend go by without posting these iPhotos.
Dr. Dan was chosen as banner bearer for the Graduate School; an honor for him. But for Carter & I it meant he was first to come out in the procession, first to stand & get "hooded", and first to be pronounced "Dr. Daniel R Poulsen II"-less waiting...sort of.
Without Leapster, barely into the games on my iPhone, Carter was so well-behaved, sitting beside me even repeating words that he heard the speakers saying. It was as if his 3yr old mind could conceive how BIG this moment really was.
When he spotted daddy, he of course waved enthusiastically.
And when daddy found him, he said, at once "ok. now we have to go hug him."
Great memories. We're VERY proud!

Mom, I'm sorry you came all of this way & didn't get to attend. It was priceless to have you stay with Lilah that morning (I woke up & everyone else was still asleep just 15 min before I had to leave). What would I have done if you weren't here!

And may I say a big thank you to all of the family & friends that have celebrated with Dan even from far away!

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  1. Congratlations to Dan!! Great job! And, congratulations to you Tina, to making it through the demands of having a spouse in school- it's tough!!!
    Amazing acomplishment....

  2. A BIG congrats to both of you! And may I say that you look great, esp. for having woken up 15 minutes before you needed to leave... :-)

  3. So very proud of you Dr. Daniel, I know I kidded around with you alot when I was there but you should hear me talk about you to others, I say words to describe you like genius, brillant, and so happy that my daughter has been blessed with you. Sorry I missed the big day but was so glad that I helped Tina and Carter attend. Love you all and miss you terribly, Mom


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