Monday, August 3, 2009


Carter displays this kind of attention to detail that I think is pretty rare for a 3-year-old, but then again, I haven't been around other 3-year-olds for longer than playdates.

Regardless, we are consistently amused!

Here's an example (and the explanation for the toilet seat image; you can Google anything!):
We went to a local bounce house emporium-of-sorts with some friends earlier this week. We made a trip to the bathroom for a potty break. Of course.
Later in the week, back in our own bathroom for a potty break,
Carter pointed to the imprinted logo for the toilet maker and said,
"Mommy, we have the same potty as Jump-n-Jungle!"

"Do 3-year-olds notice these things? Or do I have a detail prodigy on my hands?!"

His mom could likely remember what you were wearing when she saw you last, and still remembers her best childhood gal pal's birthdays were 2.23 & 1.1, and all sorts of mostly useless details she's noticed over the years.
I wonder what will become of this blossoming gift in my 3-year-old. Pin It


  1. It totally stressese out that you remember what I wear, because I can assure you I don't! Bet you've caught me in a lot of repeats. :)

  2. As a matter if fact it was a repeat-blue t with kids place logo on a Sun am! And please, there's hardly judgement, just some crazy photo memory!

  3. Tina, Adam is a crazy detailkid... so surprising to me beacuse I do not have the gift of details at all!!
    After one trip to soccer, he shouts out "mommy, that's where I play soccer" as we pass, and months after our only trip to Chuck-E Cheese he sees it from the highway and gets excited... etc, etc..
    Amazing what their little minds can do...


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