Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

That's the thing about living over 1,000 miles from your family.
Holidays are tough.
When you each grew up associating holidays with family and friends and food in abundance, establishing new traditions as a party of 4 requires reinvention.

As each holiday approaches, I get a bit anxious. How will we reinvent? I try not to romanticize family gatherings, as if idyllic. I try to remember that even if we did live near family, we'd likely be trying to fit traditions to our new family, perhaps even with a bit of a fight.

We moved away & started a family 4 years ago this month. For every holiday, a provision; a blessing; great memories. This past weekend was no exception.

We had some of the best party of 4 moments to date. Like many holidays since we moved here, we were invited by friends to share in their family's celebration.

Carter had an absolute blast! (as you can see below)

He loves the patriotic shirt his new little friend made for him. He was mesmerized by the fireworks that he was able to light himself. He was dancing & just could hardly contain his joy all night long.
Sometimes celebrating with someone else's family makes us miss our own even more. Sometimes I want to kick myself for taking those "same old same old" meals w/a side of banter for granted.
And for it all, I'm so grateful. Pin It

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