Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sure glad I held her when she would stay still

Boy, am I glad I held her while she slept, swaddled & still even when the world around her was loud & lively. When Carter was born, I neither could nor would. Most of his fresh days, were my closest-to-death-days-very sick & in pain. When I became able, I resisted because the book said to put him down awake to allow him to self-soothe to sleep.

It seems like we were just rejoicing over her arrival & my very textbook c-section & recovery. 8 months have seriously swiftly passed.

I'm very glad I held her in those early days, before she developed any habit too hard to break. Now she practically dives out of my arms into her crib when we've completed our bedtime routine. And when I went in to get her from her nap this week I found... Pin It

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