Thursday, June 18, 2009

proud moment

Today, while I was gathering Carter's backpack & lunchbox from the hallway, his teacher leaned out of the classroom doorway & said,
"Carter is good."
"Yeah? Wow. You just never know how they act when you aren't around."
"Oh yeah. If I had a classroom full of Carters, I'd be A OK!"

Beaming mommy, looks down at perplexed son more Carters?

In the parking lot, "mommy, why miss susan say class of carters?"
I explained.
He got it with a big smile & gleaming eyes.

Talk about timing. It seems every day lately I am on him about making bad choices-namely endangering or hurting his sister. Trying to encourage him to make good choices. I've been struggling with explaining why some kids do what we teach him not to do, and some kids watch what we say he cannot, etc. We've battled over whining, we've battled over disobedience, you name it. It's a boundary-pushing/discovering age, what can I say?

Today was a gift straight from God for mommy & Carter both. He's a good boy, who makes good choices-when he decides to! And I'm trying to do the same in mothering him. The goal: for him to make good choices when we're not around...for the rest of his life. He's doing it! What we're doing is working! Hooray!

Not to get all John-Mayer on you, but imagine if his teacher hadn't gone with the urge to say such a thing, unprompted?
No perfect timed gift.
Say what you need to say!

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  1. i love this! such a great moment!!

  2. He is such a good boy, I am so proud of you Carter!! :)
    love you, Grammie


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