Saturday, June 6, 2009

oh, the things they say

So, Carter has a picking thing. He's 3. He picks in nasty places. It's disgusting.
We have dealt with it for nearly a year now; tried EVERYTHING to get him to stop.

He's been having a particularly rough time resisting these days.

One night he made a BIG mess in the bathroom as a result of his picking.
Dr.Dan discovered it.
This was not good for Carter.

Dr Dan said
"Carter, if you do this ONE MORE TIME,
I'm going to tell ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!
And they will laugh and make fun of you & say
'Carter picks his booty/Carter picks his booty'"
His lips started quivering & down came the tears, "no, Daddy!"

By the time I used the last of the Lysol wipes and the bathroom was sanitary again, Carter had collected himself and made up with daddy.

Sitting on Dr Dan's lap, Carter said
"Daddy, I'm going to tell all of my friends you pick your nose!"
Laughed 'til we cried!
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  1. your son is HILARIOUS! i love reading about all the cute things he says!


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