Wednesday, June 24, 2009

marbled paper

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Make some marbled cardstock art! (idea courtesy of Family Fun)
Need:shaving cream, cookie sheet with rim, food coloring, craft sticks or toothpicks, cardstock, squeegee, paper towels

Step 1: make 1/2 in layer of shaving cream on sheet, smooth with squeegee
Step 2: dot cream with food coloring
Step 3: swirl with craft stick to marble
Step 4: lay a sheet of card stock on top of the cream and press lightly
Step 5: peel off the paper and use the squeegee to remove the excess shaving cream
Step 6: set the paper aside to dry

Step 7: Play in copious amounts of shaving cream!
(lessons learned: like many crafts with toddlers, this one is more about the messy fun to be had. hence, we're outside.
secondly, "less is more" when it comes to food coloring for best marbled paper result; "less is more" isn't a toddler-friendly notion) Pin It


  1. i love this... isaac would go nuts for it!

  2. You always find great ideas!!
    We will be trying this...
    we did try the cookie monster cupcakes which were great but Joel said I made them look like melted smurfs. LOL I'll send a pic. I can do better next time. Revamp


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