Monday, May 4, 2009

Just finished reading...

Isabel Gillies had a wonderful life -- a handsome, intelligent, loving husband; two small children; a beautiful house. Suddenly, that life was over. Her husband announced that he was leaving her and their two young sons shortly after they left the East coast and moved to a small city, where he was a professor.The life Isabel had made crumbled.

"Happens every day," said a friend.
I know, maybe not the best book for a girl with 2 small kids, who left the East coast for a small city so her husband could teach at the University. I have more than even those things in common with her. I became enthralled with her "all-too-true story" when I read an excerpt in Vogue a few months ago.
I can relate to her naïveté regarding her marriage and family life. I appreciated her sharing their story like she would with a close friend, even the terrible parts were told without self-pity. You're on her side, for sure. You're angry with that Prada-clad new girl for coming in & taking a married man & father from his newly-remodeled family home. And honestly, I closed the book feeling sad for the husband that walked away-his loss, what a...oh, I'm not sure what I'd call him yet.
Clever and honest writing.

Love that she takes baths & drinks tea; so feminine.
(yes, you know her as Stabler's wife on Law & Order SVU)
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