Monday, May 11, 2009

I wonder when...

So, on Friday night Dan looked at me and said,
"you know what? the best mother's day gift I could get you is to wake up tomorrow and take the kids out the house all day".

Not much more was said about it. I woke up at 7ish when Carter came into our room. I stayed very still, hoping that Dan would get up & take care of him, letting me sleep in. Ahh...he did.

A while later, I woke up & heard cartoons playing in the living room. I decided just to stay in hibernation, grabbing for the US Weekly magazine I bought the day before. I kept waiting for a loud cry or sounds of chaos, compelling me out to help. Nothing.

I got up & peeked out to find that I was home alone! (I had been hiding from no one!)

It was after 10am.
I called Dan.
He's been out since 8:30.
He left me a pot of coffee.
He's coming home because Carter wants to bring me my first mother's day gift.
A lovely bouquet of flowers. (left)
I love that he can pick something out for me now.
I LOVE that he can say "happy mother's day, mommy".

Now, I was alone. ALONE! Ahhh....
And alone time, as Dan predicted, was the very BEST of gifts for mother's day.
I rested. I read. I shopped. I shopped more. I came home & Dan cooked a lovely meal. Both kids were worn out from an eventful day with daddy. Ended the day with a romantic comedy. Lovely.

Here's what I'm wondering...
I headed out of our garage in the non-family black coupe, reveling in freedom, incredibly grateful for getting all that I wanted for mother's day: a day without kids.

Walked through the door, hands-free & loving it, and overheard a lady in her mid 50s on her cell phone say, "honey, just all of us being together is enough for me".

When does it change from "all I want is a day alone" to
"all I want is a day surrounded"?
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