Thursday, May 7, 2009

good idea, gone bad

sometimes, you get this great idea.
you finish the last sip in your second cup of coffee & feel the rush of necessary energy.
you slice apples, fill sippy cups, bag snack mix and sandwiches, filling the nifty cooler reserved for just such an occasion.
you baste your kids' in gobs of SPF 70; it's going to be a hot one today.
lather yourself next & you grab the sunglasses & kids' hats.
pack the trunk with the sand toys, frisbees, & balls.
load everyone up.
oh, yeah be right back, need to set the alarm-we're going to be gone for hours.

you get there.
you unload. find most shaded spot. lay down the blanket.

your kids just want the snacks.
once down the slide. maybe.
kick the sand. no need for toys.

"it's too hot. can we go home?" Pin It

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