Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mom's away. Dad doesn't know. Nana is in town. Now what?

1.Mommy is out of town

2.Daddy doesn't know mommy's quest to keep all commercial characters on pjs, swim trunks & undies only.
Oh, the number of times I have diverted his attention to the just plain lion (not Simba) or monkey (not George) shirt.
Oh, the ways I've created enthusiasm over a preppy hoodie from GapKids-he even started calling them "Yoda hoods".

3.Daddy laughs at mommy's aversion to lightup tv character shoes & primary colored comic book character hats.

4.Nana is in town.

5.A simple trip to Target, armed with her own wallet combined with the bright-blue-eyed-3-year-old-grandson-she-hardly-sees, who is all too privy to what "I want that!" said to Nana means as compared to said to his parents.
6. He couldn't be happier.

7. Now what?

I still can't believe he even LIKES these comic book guys. He'd never seen a cartoon or read a book, yet he has been drawn to them for over a year now.
No older cousins or siblings around to blame. Daddy has certainly perpetuated his affection for all things super-powered with the affirmitave, testosterone-charged, grunt, "yeah".
Still, he responded to them from just 2 years old as if he'd known them since birth.
Of course I know Spiderman, mom.

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