Thursday, April 16, 2009

I can't get over how tranquil-yes, tranquil the feeling of DFW today.
Just me and my bag navigating through Skylink, up the escalators-no stroller needing the elevator today.

I swear it's not just that I have no kids hanging on me or a mental must-do list to provide sanity for the next flight. Sure, going into the bathroom stall alone is remarkably relaxing. I feel very exposed, am much more aware of my outfit & accessories walking without my party of 4.

It's noon o'clock. No impatient passengers in my line for coffee & a bagel. Just patiently-seriously, patiently waiting rollerbag-clad folks in the lines I'm passing through the terminal. Even the moms and kids need no looks of empathy today or a hand from a knowing mom.

Everything is running strangely smooth around me.

And I remember what traveling used to feel like. Minus the crowds of people feeling deceived & displaced & disregarded.

I remember entering in my flight attendant dress, badge around my neck, bag rolling behind me on my way to wherever my line required. I was happy darting from IAD to ORD or IAD to ORF. Carefree & smiley. The pack of tickets that I could fill out & hand in at any gate and fill any open seat on United was the culprit I think.

Anyway, I'm on my way back to my old life. Meeting my college friends, in my college town. Wondering if while our lives are vastly different today from the old days, will it all feel the same for these few days?

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