Monday, April 27, 2009


Carter for coming up all on his own with the idea to "make mommy a card" for my return from time with irreplaceable girlfriends

Dan for not needing me near as much as last year when I made this trip! (and this time, Carter broke out in hives all over his body. We learned he, like mommy, is allergic to PCN)

Friendships that have successfully transitioned from bonding over ideals for marriage, family, ministry to doing our best to live out those ideals now in the thick of it.

Making bread from scratch! Came out so yummy & is now to be a staple at our pasta dinners, and will forever remind me of my Springfield visit.

A leap of faith. Personal sacrifice. Keeping boundaries.
Thank God for wise counsel!
Boy, is it hard to cut out a good thing for the sake of another.
There's one thing I'm determined to do to as great a degree as I have the power, and that is "catch the...little foxes that spoil the vineyards".

Dr. Daniel Poulsen
I admit, I was quite ashamed to think that I ask him to change diapers and considered myself better than he, since I can load the dishwasher much more efficiently. Sitting in that room, while experts in both education & physiology listened to his defense & praised him for his work, I was impressed. Completely confused & finally giving up trying to understand what sounded like a foreign language he was speaking so fluently, I just enjoyed the view of him all crisped up in his tailored suit & using little to no vocal pauses & perfect grammar.
What a man! I'm so lucky he chose me.
He just fancied up our address labels quite a bit! Pin It

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