Friday, April 10, 2009

Can't blame him

I went from eating salads with grilled chicken, oatmeal, and protein bars every day for weeks to "celebration eating" while Heather was here for 4 days.
I hit the gym the morning after we dropped her at the airport. Turbo Kick for an hour & some kill-my-abs work afterward. I deserved the pain after all that feasting.

By Wednesday night I had a stomach ache that felt like food poisoning with a side of post-cesarean section pain. Not sure what the source. I barely made it through the day on Thursday...sick, sick, sick.

Sweet husband of mine came home & took over. While I tried to resist burying myself in bed until the kids went to sleep, by 7something, Dan just said "go to bed". I obeyed.

He seemed awfully content & rested with no "you owe me" undertones when we woke up this morning. Impressive. The hour or so before bedtime is a two man job, even if just for moral support around here these days. He did it all alone. Wow.

Then I got out of bed & stumbled into the kitchen to find:
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