Friday, April 10, 2009


"You will never truly know yourself, or the strength of your relationships, until both have been tested by adversity. Such knowledge is a true gift....
It is painfully won, and it has been worth more to me than any qualification I ever earned."
-J.K. Rowling 2008 Harvard commencement address

We only met 13 months before we wed. Neither of us had ever been more certain of Divine ordination.

He had recently deferred his acceptance into medical school to continue research, local football hero, completely content to live in the western corner of NY for the rest of his life.

I grew up minutes down the road from where he was making sports headlines, but it comes as no surprise that our paths never crossed.

Most comfortable in church ministry, I graduated from Bible school in the Midwest, while he had only recently replanted his Godly roots. Working as a flight attendant, I was living outside of DC and avoiding ever living back in WNY as if my life depended on it.

His phone call. Many emails. A very nerve-wrecking blind date. Butterflies when the phone rang. Flowers & long-goodbyes at airport security. A whopping diamond ring on a bridge in Central Park.
7 years, 2 kids, and a move across the country later, we're madly in love; sometimes plain mad & sometimes madly loving.

I've often cried out to God wondering why he put us together. It would be so much easier to mesh together if I were simply called to be a housewife & mom. Or if he were called into full-time church ministry. But would it? And can it really be this exciting if it's that easy?

Sometimes the very things that we admire about one another are the roadblocks we stumble upon time & time again.

Our relationship, if likened to an onscreen romance can be seen in Noah & Aly in The Notebook. Passionate. Drastically different and surprisingly similar, simultaneously. Undeniable chemistry.

Anyway, when I ran across J.K. Rowling's commencement address (above) it brought clarity to me in this time where once again, we are being tested. I agree with Ms Rowling.

I couldn't be more grateful for the knowledge that once we're on the other side of this adversity, we'll be stronger, closer, even when it seems like we couldn't possibly be any moreso than we are now.

Thankful for equal commitment to facing adversity.
Blessed that this adversity doesn't come in the form of an affair or illness.
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