Monday, March 23, 2009

You wouldn't know just looking at him

Carter & I went grocery shopping this weekend. He can often be heard saying "I need to go to Target" or "Market Street. With such enthusiasm, how can I resist taking him along?

After two stops, with a trunk-full, I pulled into the garage.
Off with the seat belt.
Turned off the ignition.
"What, Carter?"
"The song! You turn off the music?" (hear: shock & awe)
"Oh. You want to listen to the rest of the song?"
"YES." (hear: of course!)

So I turned the stereo back on. He sat alone in the car bopping his head until the song was over.
He's mine. Passers-by have most likely wondered if I were babysitting my "white" friends' kid for the past 3 years. And relatives all agree he looks like Dan, with my mom's & Dan's dad's coloring.
Make no mistake, though people, he's mine.
And I thought I'd have nothing in common with a son.

Here he is at a year & a half with his "high pod". Pin It

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