Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I'm a multi-tasker. A fan of double-duty.

Double-duty items.
My moisturizer evens out my skin tone and has SPF 50, does not clog pores, oh yeah...also moisturizes.

Double-duty activities.
The park, for example. Carter digs in the sand, runs, climbs, and swings his way to a good nap, Lilah is entertained or napping soundly, and I get to catch up on all the phone calls I have not returned, achieving a healthy glow.

(Yes. I do climb & dig along with him, lest you judge me.)

Multi-tasking is not something I've worked on. It's natural. Sure, this is an asset to me. Moreso to my husband who looks at me puzzled when I suggest that if he's going to sit & watch the news, maybe he could hold Lilah while she drinks her bottle. Let's just say he has mastered the art of doing just one thing at a time.

On that note, this quality may be working against my quality of life.

I've noticed that even when both kids take naps at the same time and I am "relaxing", I don't feel refreshed. Right now, for example I am "relaxing": typing this entry while I'm catching up on the Regis & Kelly interview with Reese Witherspoon that I DVRed this morning. I'm taking emails as they come in on my Phone, waiting for the laundry cycle to complete, and for my nails to dry.

If I take a bath, I read a book or magazine. And I don't take a bath if I have nothing to read. I'd be bored to tears if I just sat there!

I run into trouble when I impose my multi-tasking on my one-thing-at-a-time husband. Yes.
But, if I enjoy three things, do I lose the affect of "enjoyment" if I do all three at once?

I started self-evaluating on this the other night. Our kids went to bed. Dan & I sat down to watch a movie he'd rented as a treat for us before he went out of town. I grabbed a blanket to snuggle next to him with and...the laptop to do a search I'd been wanting to do.

"I thought we were going to watch this together?"
"We are."
I replied. Pin It

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