Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A real connection

By the time Heather went to college, we could (& quite often did) finish each other's sentences.
To us, interrupting was not rude. Being interrupted or interrupting someone to finish a sentence was a sign of a real connection. "I get you" unspoken.

This isn't universal, I'm learning. I first learned it making new friends in college smack-dab in the middle of the USA. By the end of my first semester, I was convinced that what Heather & I had was irreplaceable & she was getting married & living 1,000 miles away, so I was doomed.

Then came Kate. And Sophomore year brought along life-long friends (& a beautiful line of bridesmaids!) Gretty, A, Annie, Ellie (among other Bowie girls). Each so different. But we "got" each other. Could & did finish each other's sentences & totally understood the importance of arriving at the Caf at 5:11 even though we were starving at 4:30 when it opened.

Authentic friendship is just as important to me as an LBD.

If I thought I was doomed in Springfield, MO, imagine how I felt when we took up residence deep in the heart of Texas 3 years ago. Once again, God has blessed me with friends that "get" me & vice versa (though, I'm working on re-defining interrupting).

This month should be a nice breath of fresh air for me with Heather coming this weekend and a reunion with some East Side Girls after Easter. I'm pumped. I turned the calendar over to April on Sunday! Couldn't wait.

All of this came to me this morning.
Silence in the car as we drove to the next stop.
No song seemed fitting today, so no music.

Out of the silence, completely unprompted, Carter & I began singing the same line of the same song at the same time!!!

Like only Heather & Gretty & Dan & I have done before.

I don't always enjoy him, I can't always relate, but our connection has totally surprised me! Like when he called Lilah "Lilah-lujah!" the other day. Or when he makes up a song to his thoughts while going about the day. I hang onto these things he obviously gets from me, when say, he randomly runs up & knocks me over or chooses to play in the muddy flower bed over the plethora of outdoor toys.

PS: Also pictured, is Tara, friend & sister. I'll have to do a thank God for sister-in-laws post. Pin It

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