Saturday, March 14, 2009

O, we will battle

Dan has been out of town for 4 days. So I'm single parenting. And dare I say, with yet another day left, it has been smooth & enjoyable.
Biggest complaint: not one day with both napping at the same time for any length of time. It's starting to take its toll on me.
Today I was REALLY hoping for some solace, because today, my friend, is magazine day! That lovely day when a big fat new issue of your subscription arrives. 2 arrived today!
Did I mention Lilah is teething these days? Spent a good 45 minutes trying you-name-it to soothe her, nothing lasted long. I gave up. I laid her on a blanket in the living room with a toy. She screamed. I plopped my tired self next to her & decided to break open a new issue. She cried & whined me right out of that idea.
I got up to fill my very much used coffee mug and....silence. For the first time in like an hour, silence. Silence! What? Dare I even go in to see what is finally soothing her?
Yes. She was crumbling my magazine.

The conflict within.

O, the battles we'll have, little girl! Pin It

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