Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In my house are many ledges

In my house are many ledges. Pleasing to my I-don't-like-cookie-cutter-houses eye, but hard on the I-want-my-house-dust-free side of me. Until today, I had to get over the latter. At 5'4 even the ladder doesn't get me up there, with 12 foot ceilings. So my many ledges had much dust.

Dan's been on me to hire someone to come & clean since I was pregnant with Lilah. Now before you all shout "what is your problem, girl! hire someone." I have to defend myself. Sure, we could spend a monthly or quarterly fee for a house-cleaner, but I prefer to work hard & clean it myself, so that I can spend whatever extra money we have on vacations & dates/babysitters.

Today, I splurged & bought the microfiber reach cleaner for such ledges & ceiling fans that I've been eyeing at Bed Bath & Beyond for $19.99. Yep. My ledges are clean! Problem solved

Now for the hard water spots... Pin It

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