Monday, March 2, 2009

Always faithful. Doesn't always make sense.

This past week I came across low fares for my family to meet us in San Antonio for a May getaway. (Yes. I am already onto planning for another getaway 2 weeks after returning from Vegas.)
This year is Sea World year. Some family had talked of coming to visit us at that time anyway, so when I found the great fares and I saw that the house we've enjoyed renting there is available, I proposed that we make it a family affair.
Twenty something emails later, and a few "run it by my husband first" phone calls and 3 of 5 of them were sold, but still working out the kinks. The last to join, my middle brother, is getting married later this year & he happened to be in a costly wreck the day before, so the idea of him joining was doubtful.

Carter overheard my enthusiastic conversation with my mom. When I hung up the phone he repeated the stand-out words to me with bright eyes & a big smile. He was counting on it now. Ready to pack his Spiderman trunks & fav DVDs for the trip!

"Well...yes. Maybe..." forget it, he was already so excited. how could i go into what a miracle it would be for it all to come together?

"Carter, do you want to pray and ask God to help everyone to get to meet us for a vacation in a couple months?"
He already had his eyes squeezed shut with child-like faith & those little hands folded before I finished the question. We prayed.
I opened my eyes several times to see if he stayed like that & HE DID! precious.

Imagine my joy telling him just the next day that when we prayed and asked God to help us & give us what we really, really wanted, He heard our prayer & answered us! even Peter & our new Aunt Beth are coming!

Of course, it got me wondering about how I'd explain that sometimes though God always hears our prayers, He doesn't do just what we believed He would and know He could.

I am reminded of Dr Dobson's story in When God doesn't make sense about a caged hamster trying desperately to break free from the table-top cage, to no avail. Not knowing that there was a dog, out of his vision beneath the table ready to torture him if he did get what he so badly wanted.

How many times in my life have I tried so hard to make something happen and prayed so earnestly for God to give me and it doesn't end up going my way? Only to find that He saw the bigger picture. He knew that what I thought was best, wasn't. And furthermore, had something better in the works. And who knows how many times He has spared me from what He saw, that I couldn't see?

This truth becomes infinitely more painful when something tragic happens to people that are faithfully believing in God's divine power to intervene. Loss. When God doesn't make sense. Is still good. Still faithful. But, doesn't make sense.

Dear Carter, I pray that you will grow to love God deeply for who He is. Unchanging. Good. True. I pray that the trials of your life with produce in you a testimony to His faithfulness that your faith will be unshakable WHEN God doesn't make sense.

"Surely he will never be shaken...
He will have no fear of bad news;
his heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD."
Ps 112:6-7 Pin It

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