Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm going to go ahead and say I'm a fan of 09 so far...
Minus the RSV (yep. it's RSV. Not so alarming in a 2 year old. But in a 2 yr old that loves to hug & kiss his infant sister, to whom RSV could be quite threatening, it's somewhat scary. We're through 5 days of fever & better every hour today.)

Back to a fine 09:
-scored a killer rate at The Bellagio in LV for our romantic getaway Valentines Day weekend (made possible by Grammie, willing to care for all things 105th street while we're gone.)

-nailed down a weekend for our Girls reunion this year. So far something new has been represented in the group each visit since graduation. At first, it was marriage, now it's babies. In 2008, 4 of us had babies! One of us is headed to live in Paris. Still one of us has managed to escape the allure of marriage & family to accomplish things like a doctorate-quite different from my goals these days (ie. trip to Target, showered). Springfield, here we come. More accurately Mudhouse, here we come!

-Lilah Sophia is officially sleeping through the night. (You know what's going to happen tonight now that I've said this out loud, don't you?)

-I've got one verse memorized, 23 more to go. And I started Esther, Beth Moore's latest Bible study. This is going to be good!

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