Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It's a "snow day" here in Texas. If you're from my hometown, you're laughing right now. The weather man actually said "It will finally cool down on Tuesday"! After some record highs even for these parts of Texas, we woke up to a frost covered landscape. Scary driving conditions for a city that isn't accumstomed to this white stuff.

At 8ish, Carter asked if he could go out and make snow angels & snow balls-sorry dear, you can still see the grass blades through the ice, not exactly snow ball material! I told him we'd go out in it after Lilah went down for a nap at 10am. Umm...slight problem, it was all melted by then!!

We're pretending to be snowed in today. Among the projects of the morning was what you see in the pics. (it's nap time for both, hence the food photography & blogging!) Have come to love these little cupcakes that I made of all you see there plus equal splashes of water & canola oil. Very kid-friendly-no eggs, so they're free to lick the beater! Today, Carter poured, mixed & I scooped into a muffin tin. These do not taste like pumpkin. Just taste like a chocolate cupcake. Easy & yummy.

Okay, off to my snow day duties: laundry, laundry, laundry!
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