Monday, January 19, 2009

Cabin fever

Okay, kids are free from RSV! Hooray! Almost 2 weeks ago, Carter came home with it after his first day back at PDO-coincidence, I think not! (Its a trade off we're willing to accept).
Wouldn't have been so bad if being house-bound ended when Carter got over it last Wed. But, when your little sister catches it from you, well, you're house-bound until she is recovered.
I went into his room while he was supposed to be sleeping because I heard some mysterious sounds. Opened the door & saw what looked like the ghost of a 2year old dash into his bed & under the covers. Hmmm...Saw the light was on in one side of his closet. Opened the closet door & found this
Gotta give him points for creativity!
How am I supposed to maintain composure when I see something like this?! Pin It

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