Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holidays upon us

Yes...I am sipping another Starbucks holiday drink...but NOT BECAUSE I NEED IT! Lilah Sophia slept through the night last night!!! 9 weeks old, just like Carter was. Praise God! We'll see how tonight goes. Wondering if it was just a good night or if its really the new Lilah!

Carter is starting to worry me a bit with the whole Christmas thing. I was super excited that he could actually understand the concept of Christmas morning this year. He knows presents arrive via Santa down our fireplace, we leaves cookies for Santa & carrots for reindeer....the whole thing. We made a collage of all the toys he had been pining for in Target's Christmas catalog by cutting out & gluing them to papers, writing a "Dear Santa, please bring me these toys" request. He even stamped it and took it out & put it in our mailbox & put up the red flag for the mailman. It was precious. Great first memories.

Now, I'm trying to fill him in on the "true meaning of Christmas". Maybe I should have mentioned this said "true meaning" BEFORE I mentioned Santa & the presents! You think?
Its been interesting around here trying to fit the two Christmas events together in his head. Even more interesting is trying to get a 2 year old- wide-eyed with anticipation for all the toys he sees on TV to end up under his tree to be deeply affected by God sending us Jesus! "The first and most important present" is my spin!

This is just the beginning of hoping that we, as his parents, can represent Jesus as supreme in our lives amongst all that can distract us. God help us! Pin It

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