Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday 09

This is our first Christmas at home in Texas since we've had any kiddos. It's already been great fun establishing holiday traditions for our family of Rocco.
First on our list has been decorating for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving.

Dan and I are both so excited for Christmas morning this year, since this is the first time Carter grasped the anticipation of Santa coming and putting presents under the tree. He is almost daily reminding me that we'll need to make sure the fire is out so Santa doesn't get burned coming down!

We've watched a plethora of classic Christmas movie showings-(has anyone else noticed that some of these classics are quite scary...i mean, i've spent a good deal of time trying to explain away the "scary guys".)

Today was our shopping trip. And boy, did we ever check things off of his list. Such fun!
The challenge has become hiding it all. Next, will be a wrapping party!

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