Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lilah & mommy vs. colic

A new day.
Yesterday was SIGNIFICANTLY better. For those of you that are following my saga. Nothing like the day before. The Sensitive formula is not making matters worse-my fear. So, we're going to stick it out at least a week and perhaps stay with it.
She screamed through my visit with our security system tech & then screamed later on when we had another visitor. Terribly embarrassing for me, but thankfully, each visitor seemed unphased. (And really why should they be...I'm the one bouncing & rocking & walking back & forth-sometimes all at once!)
She cried herself to sleep & here she is...angelic as can be!

Anyway, I had so many responses to my last post. The scripture seems to be speaking to many of you. And I am super encouraged to know that I am not the only one grasping for Divine hope and peace to sustain me through my current struggle. Also, while I feel that my battle is insignificant compared to many, and confessing my struggle made me uncomfortable & very humbled, I am so grateful that I shared. One thing is for sure, I have some great friends! Pin It

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