Monday, November 3, 2008

College GameDay comes to town

I happen to believe that God is involved in everything in our lives. The perfect parking spot on a busy day. The size you need, at the price you can pay, sitting on the shelf. Both kids sleeping at the same time. I find Him.

So this week God seemed so near. First off, my brother planned to come to Lubbock to visit Lilah this summer & booked a trip here for this weekend. Since he's an avid football fan, and I've always wanted him to experience a Tech game, we tried to pick a weekend that there was a home game. And boy was there a home game! It ended up being the College Game Day pick of the week! The city's enthusiasm was electric!

Our very generous friend offered us 3 seats near the 40yd line. Our first & only choice babysitter, also a Tech student, was perhaps the only student in town not planning to camp out for seats to the game & more than happy to babysit our kids. Even with a colicky baby, I got to the game in time for kick off.

When I think of sports fan: I think of my brothers. Game after game blaring from the tv all week long. I fought to watch anything not reported on ESPN all growing up; whatever that season's sport, they're fans! They've played, they have fantasy teams, now even ref games after work. I'm pretty sure they approved of Dan, not because he's a gentlemen, but because he's a Division I football player!

So for my brother to have happened to pick the game, that wound up getting him face to face with Kirk & Lee & watching legendary Bob Knight exclaim "I deeply hope we beat their butts (my word)" I believe God was involved.

Oh and...we did beat their butts! 4 quarters packed with a safety, a pick-6, a fumble, interception & more sacks than any poor Heisman front-runner should endure...and with :01 left on the clock, the perfect pass, the mind-boggling catch & winning TD!

I've been wanting to add something orange to the ledge in Carter's room where I'm compiling sports memorabilia for months....and Dan came home with a poster size "ESPN College Game Day" sign in none other than Home Depot orange! IT'S PERFECT!
Oh...and Matthew McConaughey was here.
My very own US Weekly "Just like US" moment!
The UT fan, was there on the sidelines with Camilla & their baby, Levi all swaddled up in her baby wrap.
What a great weekend!

PS: YES, you may have seen another familiar gorgeous face on national tv that game: my husband! He was directly behind Lee on Game Day at the end of the game. HE JUMPED ONTO THE FIELD along with the other crazed fans when we won the game!

Do you see Dan? Just about dead center. Guns up!

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