Friday, October 24, 2008

"We could be just a couple of contacts away from being millionaires!"

And he was dead serious. And honestly, when I met him I had that kind of hunch about him, "he's going somewhere." And the longer I've lived with him, the more I believe he not only deserves to get paid what he's worth for his rare blend of hard work & intelligence, but he just may not stop until he does.

"Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it"
Ps. 127:1
My first reaction...Well, after I gave him the "honey, you can do anything!" look.

He's had more & more opportunity to make more & more money since we moved here. Which has been (and not just because of the $ part) one of the blaring confirmations that God has gone before us & lead us to Texas. Welcome confirmation, especially on the way home from church when we want nothing more than to be lounging around his mom's house with our family watching kids play.

I'm conflicted though. I want it all. I want the freedom that more & more money in the bank brings us. But I also want him to go into work late & come home early with no extra time away from family in the evenings or weekends. Perhaps, that's the real reason why I thought of the possibility that God isn't "building the house".

There is nothing like a happy husband though. I mean I don't really want him home early or all weekend if he doesn't have the deep sense of satisfaction that a man needs; reaching his goals, providing the life he wants for his family. For us, each a part of a family on welfare & feasting on government cheese at one point in our lives, the drive to surpass the odds is that much greater.

So here's to wanting it all, but only really wanting what God is building!

"Protect us from ourselves dear Lord. Preserve our family values and let us be wholly present in this precious time with young ones. Remind us to enjoy what we have on the way to where we are headed. You are good! You are faithful, God. Amen." Pin It

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