Tuesday, October 7, 2008

totally agree with you christine of NYC, much bigger transition from 0 to 1 vs 1 to 2. so far that's what i can tell (not having tried to take them both out of the house alone).

going from no kids to having one, requires large changes mentally, along with lifestyle adjustments & marital flexibility. doing this 2 years ago, seems to have paved the way for adding #2 to our crew.

dan & I have reverted to our ways of coping with the baby waking through the night. we have successfully gotten back into the pattern of scheduling her days to acclimate her to have awake & play time during the day & really only wake enough to eat during the night. when one is busy with lilah, the other is with carter. its sort of neat to see how well we work as a team, with the same plan for reaching the same goal.

we're used to waiting for a movie to come out on dvd to see it and have just invested in home theater to make the experience something to look forward to. (another plus of scheduling is we know when our kids will go down for the night so we can plan for an in home "date night").

i'm looking forward now to figuring out how to get them both in a shopping cart along with anything I actually need to buy. maybe the limited space will mean i'll buy only essentials! and so far i'm limiting my housework, since my OB ordered me not to do ANY for 3 more weeks, but that may be pretty hard to juggle with 2 needy kiddos.

my baby bjorn carrier was supposed to be my big savior for times like these. turns out it was actually STOLEN from my frontporch...at least this is what the fed ex guy claims-says he delivered it & even came back to verify that this was indeed the doorstep. i suspect something fishy...since 2 other packages delivered on the same day, via another postal service were left on the porch. hmm...

we'll see... so far, not so bad. Pin It

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