Thursday, October 16, 2008

o what a night!

oh, what a night! and no, we have not yet finished our 6 weeks of post-cesarean abstinence. yesterday marked 4 weeks since lilah joined us.
she gave us a run for our money last night. (what does 'run for our money' actually mean, i'm not sure, but it sounds right there.) we tried everything to get her to settle down & to comfort her for hours. poor little girl, was arching her back & screaming out in pain, she moved around like she was trying to escape her torturous little body. we pulled out all the tricks for soothing...and tried some that were made up on the spot, nothing worked. after hours, we resorted to wrestling her into her car seat & pajama-clad dan drove her around (she's fallen asleep everytime she's been in the car in her 4 weeks of life). of course, he arrived with her fast asleep, nestled in that oh so cozy JJ Cole bundle me. finally, we could get into bed & just as we settled in, she came blaring across the monitor.
over and over, through the night we soothed her enough to sleep & just minutes later we'd have to start again. i say we, but honestly, after around 1am it was my sweet husband doing everything. and even this morning, he went into work late, so that i could sleep. (when he came into bed at 5am-ish & told me he'd called into work, I thought 'sure, you've been up all night! how could you go to work' and turns out he was doing it for me! what a gem!)
we've decided the cause of her pain was the switch from Similac to Enfamil. we'd run out of Similac & instead of buying a new can, i decided to use the free sample of Enfamil that i had in the pantry. her first Enfamil bottle was just before all of this began. God bless Target for staying open until 10pm! dan got there just in time & we were able to give her the Similac through the night-after which we saw definite change. Similac it is...Similac it will remain.
i have to praise God for my husband. seriously, he's just heads above the rest. i decided to have a roast with mushrooms & carrots & potatoes and yummy hot dinner rolls waiting for him when he gets home instead of milking the leftover lasagna for the 4th day!
its getting harder & harder to maintain abstinence. feels a bit like holding onto my virginity before marriage! and just like before marriage...there's good food for our indulgence! Pin It

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