Tuesday, October 14, 2008


confession: i miss the hospital.
the way time stood still.
dan & i, captured in this one little room a few floors above real life level.
our moms here to celebrate our little family.
nurses taking care of me & assuring me that i was doing well. room service delivering food & aids cleaning the room.
only having to concentrate on resting to heal & nursing lilah.

real life is going as well as i can ask. dan is home by 5:30. carter gets to go to church for pdo 2 days a week. lilah is only waking once a night & early in the am. i'm healing day by day & feeling more & more like myself. so i truly can't complain. which i guess is why this is titled confession. i feel somewhat like in order to voice these thoughts, i should be enclosed in a small booth exposing them to a hidden priest beside me. Pin It

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