Saturday, October 4, 2008

and the "baby moon" is over.

exhaustion is combated with coffee & naps when we can grab them. adrenaline no longer sustains us.

"why on earth does she want to open her 'are they gonna be blue?' eyes & have quality awake time between 2 & 4am?" is the culprit.

we're back to what cured this with baby carter...schedule! schedule! schedule!
which right now translates into get up, eat, STAY AWAKE for almost 2 hours & back to sleep.

the stay awake part is work, as any of you with 2 week old babies know. we have tricks up our sleeves from these days with carter. so far today, they're working!
hence, my ability to get online, check email, & post on my blog while dan is on a bike ride & BOTH kids are sleeping...ahhhh... Pin It

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