Friday, September 5, 2008

Yoda toy

Carter has been asking for a Yoda toy ever since we drove through McDonalds & he saw the advertisement for the latest Happy Meal toys. I've been through their drive thru twice since then & have asked each time if they have a Yoda toy, but no such luck.

Finally, Sunday afternoon Dan decided we'd take him to Toys R Us & let him get a Yoda toy. We walked out with a Cars scooter & 2 Light sabers. He didn't even recognize their figurines of Yoda as the coveted "Yoda toy".

What he walked around carrying was this large gift bag with an image like this one plastered across the front. A gift bag! What on earth is he going to do with a gift bag?! For just a dollar or so more, we could buy him a Light saber! He had a blast with Daddy that afternoon playing "Yoda" with their new Light sabers.

Still, he wants a "Yoda toy".

We were watching TV when a car commercial came on. "Toy ota" was exclaimed & Carter lit up & cheered,
"Mommy. Toy yoda!!!"

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