Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I had 2 showers this past couple of weeks. SUPER blessed first, by those that took the time out of their coveted Saturdays to celebrate our new addition-to-be & secondly, the gifts they came bearing in girlie, frame-worthy gift bags!

Obviously, I realize the point of these gatherings are to "shower" the new mom with things she'll need for the new baby. I knew when I was setting up my registry that potentially people could head into Target & walk out with one of the items with me in mind. I remember this feeling with Carter too, its overwhelming to imagine that without these generous friends & family contributing, Dan & I would have had to buy all of this stuff!

Pregnancy feels mainly, gasp, isolating to me, if I'm honest with you. So times like these when everyone is involved in the one thing I've been consumed by inside for months are a welcome experience. Especially since I really don't enjoy the "you should sit down", "you shouldn't be doing this or that" attention that comes with a growing abdomen & swelling nose. The pedicure, while provided for by a friend, wasn't actually given by a friend...that kind of pampering...bring it on!

As an added blessing, I got online to view my local Target's weekly ad & to my joy most of everything left on my registry is on sale this week, AND most of it has free shipping! Really?! The week before the baby comes, after my showers, when we're left to purchase remaining needs it's all on sale!! The temptation is to buy it all. Frankly, that's been my temptation since I started the registry! And my temptation every couple of days while Carter is in "school" and I'm free to roam any retail store in town.

I'm blessed. I really am blessed. I love the feeling that comes when you know that God has gone before you & surrounds you on your path. His presence is comforting & exhilarating like nothing else! Thank you friends & family for your generosity & support! Pin It

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