Sunday, September 7, 2008

10 day ticker begins

When my Dr told me that she may have to deliver the baby this week b/c my platelets had dropped below normal, I panicked.

Come on, I must not present myself accurately to her. I'm a DETAILGAL!

And those details include: I'm having a scheduled c-section on the 17th @39weeks, my mother-in-law will arrive a few days prior & mom the night before. Carter will be well cared for & entertained. I'll have a pre-ordered birthday cake for the baby & Carter can pick it up & choose some balloons to bring up to the hospital for our "Happy Birthday Baby Sister Party" (that believe it or not he's been planning for, Spiderman cake, Shrek & Yoda balloons & fire to blow out.)

Besides, I had a shower I was greatly looking forward to this morning that I just couldn't miss (those details to come...lovely blessing). I needed to make it through at least today.

This coming week is booked with to-do lists. I had yet to make the 5 freezer-friendly meals, the groceries will be bought in time for me to make them on Tuesday while Carter is at school. There were no diapers in the drawer, I had yet to set up the changing table & put wipes in the warmer!

I have nothing packed to go to the hospital. I'm undecided on whether or not to bring my new pjs or wear the old ones since they'll likely get something funky on them laying in that hospital bed. I have to get a bikini wax & should shave elsewhere before I enter the days of "lucky to get a shower a week".

I willed my platelet count to rise before & during my second blood draw. For the sake of the details left undone! No really, I didn't feel that it was the time. And honestly, though these well layed plans would be left undone, I kept thinking I could & would do it. I would take what came by way of my Drs call Wed afternoon with grace. But I didn't prepare anything to that end, in faith, believing that I could write this blog entry inviting you to count down the last 10 days with me!

I got an email recently proclaiming "Your baby is full term!" I'm going to miss those weekly emails from that I've already read b/c I can't wait until the actual day it arrives in my inbox to know what is happening that week or what will happen in the week to come, so I sneak ahead on their website for the scoop. I have a secret to reveal, while this is my 2nd time around at pregnancy & I'm not so much interested in "what to expect when you're expecting" or "how to care for your baby's umbilical cord stump", I've read every pregnancy, fit pregnancy, babytalk, parents, mom & baby magazine issue that I could get my greedy hands on in waiting rooms since Jan. I know you're not supposed to have time or interest in that after your first go at pregnancy, but not me. I can't get enough! There its out... Pin It

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