Thursday, September 25, 2008

1 week

So far so much better than I had even hoped for. Granted this is the honeymoon phase of the adventures of bringing home baby, but what a blissful week so far. I've even enjoyed the nighttime feedings. She eats, sleeps, fills her diaper, and starts again. Its the sleeping thing that has surprised me...she just sleeps all day long & even most of the night. I actually asked the MD yesterday at her 1 week check-up if the Hydrocodone was transferring through my milk to her, causing excessive sleep. He assured me it is perfectly normal & encouraged us to just enjoy it while it lasts.
And we are. With her sleeping so much, Carter gets little blips of only childhood throughout the day & has seemed to accept her into our family.

I'm recovering so well. Polar opposite from the week after Carter's birth. Praise God! The blessings seem to pour in day by day, sometimes hourly. We're surrounded. God is so good. His presence so close. What a miracle birth is!
PS: For those of you that had to gasp at the online photo album's cover, I apologize. And assure you that while I intended for it to be in the album, I certainly didn't select it as the album's cover-which it ended up being. Thankfully, most of you are just as interested in the photo as Dan & I are, but for those of you that were really grossed out, I'm so sorry. (well, sort of!) Pin It

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