Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm thankful for this little monkey, and his fellow tv entertainers, Caillou, Tigger & Pooh, Mickey Mouse & the clubhouse gang. And not because they provide energy-less entertainment for Carter. (Though, that may not be too far off in the near future. My OB has suggested that she may give me bed rest orders depending on the results of today's test. HA! Sure, bed rest is totally feasible with a 2 year old companion!)
No, today I'm thankful for these characters because as I've watched the cartoons with Carter, I've been able to catch George eating bananas, Rabbit plugging carrots, and Elmo celebrates all kinds of nutritious food. And my long time habit of learning a song-lyrics & melody after hearing it just once has come in handy too. You see, when I serve broccoli (because its green) it becomes "Shrek trees". And when I offer a banana, its "do you want a George banana?" or "how about one of Rabbit's carrots?". Sometimes this is accompanied by the little jingle from the cartoon or a made up dance to make the occasion exciting. The occasion of course in my head is "it's working! it's working! he's eating the carrots!" If that doesn't make you do a silly celebration dance, I don't know what could!
Anyway, we had to put this tactic to rest for a little while because I started to see that clever sparkle in his eye as he said "no carrots" a few weeks back. But this week it's back & better than ever.
I'm sure I didn't invent this little form of well...manipulation, but in case you haven't tried it & you're tired of chicken nuggets & fries disappearing from the plate leaving broccoli ("shrek trees") in the dust, give it a whirl. Enthusiasm is key...well that and actually recalling which character your child has seen scarfing the fruit or veggie on the plate.
(I've also found that Jessica Seinfeld's recipes in "Deceptively Delicious" are yummy & packed with a hardly detectable produce puree.) Pin It

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