Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It was a BIG day around here! Without any probing from me, Carter announced "Mommy. I go potty". I almost blew him off because we'd just finished going potty.
He did the whole routine: pull up down, stand on the stool, sit on the seat, I watch to be sure it streams into the bowl, we do the "carter went potty" dance & he gets up for his favorite part: flushing! We washed hands, which is never as simple as washing his hands, as those of you potty trainers well know. And after the pull up was back on & shorts were in place, we were done until the big hand went around the clock once more.
So...when he came to me & said "Mommy. I go potty" I half wondered if he was just wanting some more celebration for his accomplishment 5 min ago. I asked him what he meant & sure enough we were back on the toilet & I took my usual post, this time a tad...okay, a bunch less enthusiastic, mostly annoyed that he was wasting our time.
NOPE! He went potty!!! AND it was the first of its kind....YOU'VE GOT TO listen to the song below to hear what I mean (& just to get a big laugh...why didn't I come up with this song?!)

The Poopsmith Song

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