Sunday, August 10, 2008

5 years

8.9.08 marks 5 years of marriage for us. 6 years, 1 month, and 3 days from our first date & face to face meeting. A 2 year old boy, baby girl expected to arrive in 6 weeks, and a 4 year old lab. Owned 2 homes, moved across the country from NY to TX. One of us will be referred to as Dr. before our next anniversary (and both of us will need a vacation!).

We've experienced the loss of a baby and the loss of a parent. We've made it through the fear of losing Carter & the complications from his delivery. We've celebrated new birth in the family, welcomed a new wife/sister, and a husband for a mom.

My favorite aspects just may be how being married to Dan, exposed to his admirable qualities & his love languages, has made me a better version of myself. He's been patient with me as I've worked to shed some not-so-appealing qualities & has served as cheerleader for my best. I love that we, especially now being separated from all family & familiarity, have come together to endure hard times as well as establish our new family of 3,4, well 5 if you count our dog, Rocco, (as you know I do!)
I have been surprised by how submitting to Dan's way of handling money (quite different from my former "spend what you have & even borrow from what you expect to get" mentality) has blessed our finances. And I still get to snatch up that great bargain I find at TJMaxx & give into my Keva Juice & Starbucks habits.
I love that I would still choose him over any man I've met to date. I love that he still chooses me day after day. I'm most grateful that together we'll set a new precedent for future generations with a mom & dad that are devoted to one another & to the Lord, committed to our children & the purposes that God has laid out for us all. GOD IS SO GOOD!
Pictured are the flowers that Carter picked out with Daddy to surprise me with. Beside them are the last 2 sets of our wedding china that my generous & faithful mom has been gifting us with yearly since our 1st anniversary.
I am blessed. Pin It

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