Monday, August 18, 2008

1 month from yesterday! Can hardly wait to get to the next phase of expecting: experiencing! Life with a new baby again, first time with a baby girl, being mom of 2; even with the inevitable sleep deprivation & challenges that are to come, I'm ready! This is a photo depicting a baby at this week of gestation. Pretty neat...Even better is the news that we'll get to see our own baby in 2 weeks. HOORAY! My OB scheduled another ultrasound today at my appt. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this time the baby is much more cooperative than last. (you may recall my entry regarding the much anticipated look into the womb only to find that she kept all picturesque anatomy hidden from the camera.) We'll see.

We'll see the Dr weekly now until delivery. Carter will love that. We have a little routine (are you surprised?) down for visits now. The best of the city's playgrounds is just a couple of blocks from her office, so a stop there usually pre- or proceeds the visit. He's become well acquainted with the ladies in the office & hasn't walked out without both fists full of treats & a juice box for months now! Today he had them buzzing about this adorable thing he said...what a cutie!

The OB informed me today that I shouldn't rule out having to have a csection earlier than planned. I don't think my mom reads my blog, so I'm trusting this won't cause a stir. She, as well as Dan's mom & her husband are all set to arrive just before the scheduled csection on the 17th. Dan's mom comes in a few days before, but mine isn't set to arrive until the night before. All to say, having to head in for a csection earlier could really put a kink in the plans (moms being in the hospital for the birth, able to care for Carter while we're in the hospital, able to help us for a week once we're home transitioning). It could be get messy...but I'm not going to worry now. No reason to really (do I sound convincing?)

The OB simply was mentioning it because I've had some swelling in my legs & feet. No other symptoms of preeclampsia have shown, still she's looking for any signs @my weekly visits. My blood pressure & other tests have all been perfectly normal so far. Swelling, my OB agrees, is normal during this stage of pregnancy. I'm supposed to stay off of my feet as much as possible. She said, without ordering me, to "think bedrest" (yes, even with my bouncing 2 year old boy in the exam room with me! we'll see. dan says he'll take over more of the chores once he gets home from work at night. and again, i say, we'll see....) Pin It

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