Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It was a BIG day around here! Without any probing from me, Carter announced "Mommy. I go potty". I almost blew him off because we'd just finished going potty.
He did the whole routine: pull up down, stand on the stool, sit on the seat, I watch to be sure it streams into the bowl, we do the "carter went potty" dance & he gets up for his favorite part: flushing! We washed hands, which is never as simple as washing his hands, as those of you potty trainers well know. And after the pull up was back on & shorts were in place, we were done until the big hand went around the clock once more.
So...when he came to me & said "Mommy. I go potty" I half wondered if he was just wanting some more celebration for his accomplishment 5 min ago. I asked him what he meant & sure enough we were back on the toilet & I took my usual post, this time a tad...okay, a bunch less enthusiastic, mostly annoyed that he was wasting our time.
NOPE! He went potty!!! AND it was the first of its kind....YOU'VE GOT TO listen to the song below to hear what I mean (& just to get a big laugh...why didn't I come up with this song?!)

The Poopsmith Song

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Monday, August 18, 2008

1 month from yesterday! Can hardly wait to get to the next phase of expecting: experiencing! Life with a new baby again, first time with a baby girl, being mom of 2; even with the inevitable sleep deprivation & challenges that are to come, I'm ready! This is a photo depicting a baby at this week of gestation. Pretty neat...Even better is the news that we'll get to see our own baby in 2 weeks. HOORAY! My OB scheduled another ultrasound today at my appt. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this time the baby is much more cooperative than last. (you may recall my entry regarding the much anticipated look into the womb only to find that she kept all picturesque anatomy hidden from the camera.) We'll see.

We'll see the Dr weekly now until delivery. Carter will love that. We have a little routine (are you surprised?) down for visits now. The best of the city's playgrounds is just a couple of blocks from her office, so a stop there usually pre- or proceeds the visit. He's become well acquainted with the ladies in the office & hasn't walked out without both fists full of treats & a juice box for months now! Today he had them buzzing about this adorable thing he said...what a cutie!

The OB informed me today that I shouldn't rule out having to have a csection earlier than planned. I don't think my mom reads my blog, so I'm trusting this won't cause a stir. She, as well as Dan's mom & her husband are all set to arrive just before the scheduled csection on the 17th. Dan's mom comes in a few days before, but mine isn't set to arrive until the night before. All to say, having to head in for a csection earlier could really put a kink in the plans (moms being in the hospital for the birth, able to care for Carter while we're in the hospital, able to help us for a week once we're home transitioning). It could be get messy...but I'm not going to worry now. No reason to really (do I sound convincing?)

The OB simply was mentioning it because I've had some swelling in my legs & feet. No other symptoms of preeclampsia have shown, still she's looking for any signs @my weekly visits. My blood pressure & other tests have all been perfectly normal so far. Swelling, my OB agrees, is normal during this stage of pregnancy. I'm supposed to stay off of my feet as much as possible. She said, without ordering me, to "think bedrest" (yes, even with my bouncing 2 year old boy in the exam room with me! we'll see. dan says he'll take over more of the chores once he gets home from work at night. and again, i say, we'll see....) Pin It

Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm thankful for this little monkey, and his fellow tv entertainers, Caillou, Tigger & Pooh, Mickey Mouse & the clubhouse gang. And not because they provide energy-less entertainment for Carter. (Though, that may not be too far off in the near future. My OB has suggested that she may give me bed rest orders depending on the results of today's test. HA! Sure, bed rest is totally feasible with a 2 year old companion!)
No, today I'm thankful for these characters because as I've watched the cartoons with Carter, I've been able to catch George eating bananas, Rabbit plugging carrots, and Elmo celebrates all kinds of nutritious food. And my long time habit of learning a song-lyrics & melody after hearing it just once has come in handy too. You see, when I serve broccoli (because its green) it becomes "Shrek trees". And when I offer a banana, its "do you want a George banana?" or "how about one of Rabbit's carrots?". Sometimes this is accompanied by the little jingle from the cartoon or a made up dance to make the occasion exciting. The occasion of course in my head is "it's working! it's working! he's eating the carrots!" If that doesn't make you do a silly celebration dance, I don't know what could!
Anyway, we had to put this tactic to rest for a little while because I started to see that clever sparkle in his eye as he said "no carrots" a few weeks back. But this week it's back & better than ever.
I'm sure I didn't invent this little form of well...manipulation, but in case you haven't tried it & you're tired of chicken nuggets & fries disappearing from the plate leaving broccoli ("shrek trees") in the dust, give it a whirl. Enthusiasm is key...well that and actually recalling which character your child has seen scarfing the fruit or veggie on the plate.
(I've also found that Jessica Seinfeld's recipes in "Deceptively Delicious" are yummy & packed with a hardly detectable produce puree.) Pin It

Sunday, August 10, 2008

5 years

8.9.08 marks 5 years of marriage for us. 6 years, 1 month, and 3 days from our first date & face to face meeting. A 2 year old boy, baby girl expected to arrive in 6 weeks, and a 4 year old lab. Owned 2 homes, moved across the country from NY to TX. One of us will be referred to as Dr. before our next anniversary (and both of us will need a vacation!).

We've experienced the loss of a baby and the loss of a parent. We've made it through the fear of losing Carter & the complications from his delivery. We've celebrated new birth in the family, welcomed a new wife/sister, and a husband for a mom.

My favorite aspects just may be how being married to Dan, exposed to his admirable qualities & his love languages, has made me a better version of myself. He's been patient with me as I've worked to shed some not-so-appealing qualities & has served as cheerleader for my best. I love that we, especially now being separated from all family & familiarity, have come together to endure hard times as well as establish our new family of 3,4, well 5 if you count our dog, Rocco, (as you know I do!)
I have been surprised by how submitting to Dan's way of handling money (quite different from my former "spend what you have & even borrow from what you expect to get" mentality) has blessed our finances. And I still get to snatch up that great bargain I find at TJMaxx & give into my Keva Juice & Starbucks habits.
I love that I would still choose him over any man I've met to date. I love that he still chooses me day after day. I'm most grateful that together we'll set a new precedent for future generations with a mom & dad that are devoted to one another & to the Lord, committed to our children & the purposes that God has laid out for us all. GOD IS SO GOOD!
Pictured are the flowers that Carter picked out with Daddy to surprise me with. Beside them are the last 2 sets of our wedding china that my generous & faithful mom has been gifting us with yearly since our 1st anniversary.
I am blessed. Pin It
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