Monday, July 28, 2008

what can I say? sometimes you just don't have control over your child's cooperation...born or unborn.
today was a big day for me. i had been looking forward to the ultrasound this morning for many weeks. the last time we were there the technician cheerfully told me that i'd love this one. b/c of how late i am in my pregnancy, they can see & send me home with pictures of the baby that are nearly glimpses of her at birth. i hadn't had one this late in pregnancy with carter, so this was going to be an exciting first.
we got up pretty close to last minute (let's just say nobody is sleeping well in our house these days) so there was no time for me to grab breakfast (which may or may not have affected the outcome of the ultrasound). i did have a bit of coffee & some water before it began.
the techs are really relatable & knowledgeable at this office. she was really patient in trying to get a good glimpse & even stepped out for a while to give the baby some time to move, but to no avail. she had her head face down & legs tucked closely together up under her belly the whole time we were looking at her. she just didn't want to cooperate.
thankfully, i'm not blogging with disappointment in some health risk that was detected. all of her essential parts were visible enough for examination & checked out perfectly normal.
her face, however, will remain a mystery for the next 7 weeks.

much more distressing to me is how abnormally uncooperative carter has been for over a week now with napping. he's not sick, not scared, not hungry or wet, not lacking for physical activity to tire him out prior; he's just plain refusing to nap. to make it worse, he's pulling all kinds of stunts behind his closed bedroom door. doing so quietly enough that i think he is sleeping until a crash or toy starts sounding from in there. he has pulled all of the clothes from his drawers, strewn wipes all across the floor, pulled decorations down from the wall, you name's going on in there. i'm at my end with what to do to discipline him for his disobedience. nothing's working. AGH!

isn't it supposed to be that all will be well with carter, having 2 devoted parents, committed to balance between structure & play, providing good nutrition, personal attention & appropriate discipline for the crime at hand. i'm ready to just throw it all to the wind & let him watch as much disney as he desires, eat junk food instead of sliced apples or carrots, and throw toys his way while i do something i enjoy rather than spending time on the floor building block towers or creating the day's craft. why am i doing all of this work, if the outcome isn't rewarding? this isn't how it's supposed to work!

well i better go. i'm hearing silence for the longest stretch this afternoon so either he's repainting the walls or he's sleeping so angelically i'll forget i wanted to strap him to his bed a few minutes ago! Pin It

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