Monday, July 7, 2008

Ok, fessing time. I'm 10 weeks from delivery (technically from Wed). And I've been very blessed with a scare-free, still-able-to-maintain-normal-activity pregnancy. If you've asked me how I'm feeling now that I'm further along, I've told you, what is predominantly true, "I feel great!" Can't complain. Still up & at 'em, as I like it. I tell my OB & nurses the same thing.

There is one small thing that I've omitted. But that pesky small thing has slowly taken over heart & home as I've had little to no relief from it at all. I'm not sleeping. I have this strange hatred toward nightfall, as I want nothing more than to crawl into bed & curl up with my pillows & husband & sleep until dawn. Some days I wish to start this routine earlier than 9pm, and could, but I resist, for I know the struggle involved.

Some of you may remember this from my pregnancy with Carter. You know how there are numerous & various symptoms of pregnancy. It's fascinating to hear each different experience, as it varies from the next. But experiencing this "who would have thought" symptom isn't so welcome. Here's my problem: my arms get that fall asleep feeling, that turns quickly to nerve pain & keeps me from sleeping. Keeps me from falling asleep, which I've been remedying with Tylenol PM. But wakes me up, once the meds wear off. The anatomical reasons for it are sort of involved, but basically letting my shoulders relax, (by reclining) creates this chain reaction that results in this painful problem.

The first few weeks were really hard. Especially because Carter was also waking up in the middle of the night, trying to get back into our routine after vacation & then we had thunder storms. My Cuisinart was set & timed to brew my much needed coffee as soon as I woke up. That worked for a while. Then the coffee became no match for my exhaustion. I tried to sleep when Carter napped, but to no avail. Because as I said before, the reclining (yes, I've even tried the recliner & sofa instead of bed) brings on the parastesia (sp?) and pain.

Here I am over a month of just about 2-4 hours of broken up sleep a night, and I've contracted some kind of cold that I just can't shake. My arm & hand is "asleep" even as I type this & the pain is settling in. Just about anything I use my hand for results in this. Similar to carpal tunnel pain. It's a small, annoying constant that is here until I give birth, if it's going to work like it did with Carter. It's not welcome. I'm having a hard time just getting used to it. And it's really getting me down. The pain, the sleeplessness, the loss of control it's not fun.

I know, I know, my humanity is showing. Now it's just out there for you to see. In case I've tried to prove to you otherwise, I am mortal. There it is.

I spent Sat & Sun in bed because all of this had caught up to me & I needed to take advantage of Dan being at home & willing to hang with Carter. I slept here & there. The cold was really what got me off my feet. The Tylenol cold, multi-symptom something or other that Dan got for me provided some great relief while it lasted & I kept popping! (PS: all Tylenol meds were approved by my OB.)

I had to miss singing at church on Sunday morning. Which I just hate missing. But really, I couldn't sing. Sunday marked the anniversary of our first date & first meeting face to face. We usually do something to commemorate. This year, I'd planned for our sitter to come & for Dan & I to head out for dinner & a movie.

It was a great surprise for Dan. Though, he was sitting on the bed beside me thinking "you don't look like a person that can go out tonight". And said something to that degree at one point. We set it up that he took Carter out of the house & wore him out until naptime. This would give me a quiet house to rest (perhaps the best gift of all!) Then he went on a bike ride for a couple of hours while Carter slept. (This made me feel better for having emptied all parenting duties onto him for the day).

I took a shower & got prettied up. Took some good meds & put a smile on my face. Jenna came & Carter couldn't have been more happy to see us go. He just loves her! We drove down our street & Dan looked at me & sort of got "stuck" looking a bit longer & said "you're really pretty." Tell you anything about how dreadful I looked for the past 2 days in bed! Anyway, we had a really nice conversation at dinner & enjoyed each others company the whole night.

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