Saturday, July 19, 2008

"mommy, flashlight not working".

"sorry, carter i don't have batteries."

"" nods his head to confirm that this is the right thing to do

"mommy, HakunaMata movie?"

"we don't have that movie, carter. it's at grammie's house in NY. remember?"

"" nods his head in confirmation, or as a suggestion of what i should do next!


"sams club"

"uh..sams" pleased, he nods his head.

at 2, he knows this city according to mommy's errands & stops. others can vouch for the fact that he knows which intersection leads to which location. getting off the loop @Slide & turning left...Chik fil A. going down University under the loop, he says "hi mc donalds" as he looks out to the right and when we make the turn left under the loop, he starts talking about "Dee's class" & his friend Lauryn, two people that he assumes live at the church. turning @82nd street, "gym. kids".

the very first time this association showed up was with Starbucks. he saw the sign & said "mommy's juice" which has become "mommy coffee, Carter water".

this is not a new development, but it does keep progressing. when he started calling out his friends names based on the section of town we were in (& was right about them living there) and telling me which store would have certain things that he was craving, i had to share! it's one of my favorite things thus far about life with Carter. his little personality is worth all that colic we endured when he was a baby & clearly not enjoying his limitations.
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